COVID-19 Update

With Governor Hogan’s latest CO-VID 19 requirements the following events have been canceled or strict requirements put in place.

1) Trap on Wednesday night will be allowed with the following requirements, this is an outdoor event. No more than 10 people allowed in the Clubhouse at a time and mask must be worn in the Building. If social distancing can not be met outside then mask must be worn outside as well.

2) Youth Firearms canceled.

Washington County Board of Directors and Officers

IWLA Washington County MD, Will not be sanitizing the facilities and or equipment. Your use of the facilities may place you at risk of exposing yourself to the COVID-19 virus. We are requiring you to follow the current CDC guidelines of practicing social distancing of six feet and no more than ten people in a group. Please be mindful of other members waiting and limit your time at the range. Thank you for your patience during this tough time. Stay safe……